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Kingdom in Heaven - PF.5755
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Christ and God, both crowned and enthroned, share equal prominence in this composition. The Holy Ghost, symbolized by a white dove, can be seen in between the two, slightly above the level of their heads, emitting a radiant luminosity. A thick blue ring encloses these holy figures and offsets them from the mass of saints and angels that flank either side. This scene takes place in heaven, symbolically represented by the elegant gold leaf background. Although this background is commonplace is Orthodox iconography, we can be sure that we are actually in heaven due to the representation of the ground. Instead of a terrestrial setting, this scene depicts a celestial setting, and the angels stand on a sea of purple clouds. We are to understand not that this is a divine event occurring on earth, but that we are in the realm of the divine. This is heaven. The four gospel writers are present in their symbolic forms: St. Mark the lion and St. Luke the bull both rising out of the layer of clouds in the center and St. Mathew the angel and St. John the eagle both hovering next to three angels above the blue circle. This composition is simply stunning; as well it should be representing such a significant scene. This icon transports the viewer directly into God’s kingdom in heaven. His son, Christ, is our link to this realm. Through him, we can achieve eternal salvation and join the ranks of the holy, thereby entering this scene ourselves. - (PF.5755)Kingdom in Heaven PF.5755Origin: Russia Circa: 18 th Century AD to 19 th Century ADDimensions: 20.5" (52.1cm) high Collection: Russian Icons Style: Russian Orthodox Medium: Tempera On Wood

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