Indian Silver Bracelet - CK.0106 - For Sale

Indian Silver Bracelet - CK.0106
Price: $1500.00
The land of South Asia is blessed with an abundance of gemstones. Valued for their rarity and color, these stone have historically adorned both jewelry, art, and architecture. Precious metals and gemstone were believed to be treasured by the gods, and the gods themselves almost always depicted in art adorned with luxurious jewelry. Both men and women alike decorated their bodies with jewel for both decorative and symbolic purposes. Gemstones were believe to channel the energy of nature and could thereby affect the fortunes of the wearer.Bangles are type of circular, non-flexible bracelet worn by married woman in India, specifically Hindu women, to signify matrimony. This large silver bangle flares outwards in the middle. The piece is composed of two halves that fit together. The exterior is adorned with a pattern that recalling the scales of a snake of fish. Due to its size and the inherent value of the material, we can assume that his bangle would have once been worn by a wealthy woman to signify to the public that she was married. - (CK.0106)

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