Brass Miniature Altarpiece - PF.5184 - For Sale

Brass Miniature Altarpiece - PF.5184
Price: $4000.00
This incredible miniature was created for private meditations. The four parts of the altarpiece depict: the Passions of Christ, the life of the Holy Family, the adoration of Mary, the Mother of God, Russian nobility praying to the icon of Madonna and Child. The altarpiece has a form of a typical mediaeval Russian chapel. The half domes of this symbolic building represent the life of Jesus from the crucifixion to his resurrection and glory in heaven and on earth. Each part of the altarpiece has a similar structural composition. The upper part consists of the major dramatic scene and the lower part depicts four narratives. An artist skillfully combined the religious stories of annunciation and baptism with the narratives,involving Russian nobility. The outer part of the altarpiece, decorated with an elaborate pattern of flowers and animalistic designs typical for Russian decorative style called "lubok", is inscribed: "We pray to Your Cross. We praise Your resurrection". This beautiful piece is an embodiment of the essence of Russian Orthodox religious doctrine. The narratives represented on this altarpiece reinforce the deespiritualconnection between the church and the royal lineage. - (PF.5184)Brass Miniature Altarpiece - PF.5184Origin:Russia Circa:1750ADto1900ADDimensions:7(17.8cm)highx4.5(11.4cm)wide Collection:Traveling Icons Style:Russian Orthodox Medium: Brass

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