Enameled Brass Triptych Traveling Icon - PF.5193 - For Sale

Enameled Brass Triptych Traveling Icon - PF.5193
Price: $4500.00
Traveling icons are often, as with this fine example, so elaborately detailed they provide a visual narrative of Jesus’ life on a small and a very personal scale. The upper portion of the central panel shows the installation of the cross, with the background structures and ornamentation done in the style of medieval Russia. Below, running clockwise is the resurrection of Christ, His elevation and glory in heaven, enthronement of the Virgin Mary, and her death. The front cover has the cross with the walls and buildings in the distance set in an oval, bordered by two columns and ornate foliage. The inscription above and below the upper portion of the cross reads, "King of Glory, Jesus Son of God, Christ. The right panel follows this theme on the upper section of the right panel with the glorification of the Virgin surrounded by saints and angels. Below we see an icon of the Virgin Mary worshiped by six figures including Saints Alexander and Cyril. Next to it is the same arrangement except for the substitution of Prince Vasiley, followed by a panel with Saints Antony and Alexey, and then Saints Antony and Theodosius. Each of the miniature icons shows the Virgin holding the infant Jesus in a different posture, while the faithful offer their homage and gifts in a variety of ways. Upon the upper area of the left panel is the mystical depiction of Christ's elevation to heaven in the presence of God the Father, Who is offering His blessings. Four scenes from Jesus' life are depicted below; baptism as a baby, His baptism by St. John, entrance in Jerusalem, and Christ's glorification. Contained within this charming triptych, set against dramatic blue and white enamel, are images of Jesus’ miraculous life on earth, and His transcendence in the afterlife of heaven-- a perfect companion for a pious traveler's journey on the mystical road of faith. - (PF.5193)

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