Section of an Enameled Brass Traveling Icon - PF.5250 - For Sale

Section of an Enameled Brass Traveling Icon - PF.5250
Price: $1500.00
This fascinating panel is one of three others comprising a four part icon designed for the "Feast Days and the Exaltation of the Mother of God." This theme occupies the upper portion, showing the Virgin Mary at the center, surrounded by adoring saints and watched over by God the Father. The scene on the upper left depicts the "Mother of God Tikhvin" with Alexander Svirsky, Cyril Belozersky and four bishops. Next is the "Mother of God of Vladimir" with the 'Holy Fools' Maxime and Basil and four saintly Metropolitians of Moscow--Peter, Jonah, Alexei and Philip. The panel below depicts the "Mother of God of the sing of Novgorod" with Antony Rimlyanin, Archbishop Leonty and other saints. The last panel shows the "Mother of God of Smolensk" with Anthony and Theodosius of the Monastery of the Caves in Kiev. In each section the figures are grouped in such a way as to allow for an area of landscape below the portrait of the Madonna. By using blue and green paint for earth and sky, and white for clouds, the very fine perspective is achieved, which adds a touch of realism to essentially metaphysical concepts. Herein lies the beauty of this icon in the blending of the supernatural with the real to make both seem a natural part of the lives of devout Christians. - (PF.5250)

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