L'amour S'en Va by Marguerite Gerard - X.0192 - For Sale

L'amour S'en Va by Marguerite Gerard - X.0192
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Marguerite Gérard was born in Grasse in 1761. Her sister Marie-Anne was also a painter known for her miniatures. While Marguerite was no doubt influenced by her sister’s work, it was her brother-in-law who would have a more profound impart on her artistic style. Jean- Honoré Fragonard was one of the most popular painters of his day. In 1777, at the age of sixteen, Marguerite moved in with her sister and famed brother-in-law. However, by this time, Fragonard’s flamboyant rococo style had begun to fall out of fashion with the public. Marguerite studied under Fragonard, and she quickly became one of his best pupils. However, it seems that her preference for 17th Century Dutch Baroque interior masters such as Ter Borch and Metsu might have influenced Fragonard himself as he adapted his style to meet the changing tastes of collectors. It is clear that these two artists collaborated on numerous works and there is a remarkable similarity between the detailed fabrics in Fragonard’s later works and in Gerard’s works of the late 18th Century. In fact some scholars have even attributed one of Fragonard’s most beloved paintings, Le Baiser a la Derobee, to his prized pupil. By the end of the 18th Century, it appears that Gérard had abandoned open air scenes for good, choosing instead to concentrate upon domestic interiors where children and cats were prominently featured. Later, in 1837, she passed away in Paris. Gérard was one of the most successful female artists of her day whose work, while harkening back to the Baroque era, impacted the art of those around her. L'amour S'en Va by Marguerite Gerard - X.0192Origin: France Circa: 1780 AD to 1800 ADDimensions: 18.5" (47.0cm) high x 15" (38.1cm) depth Collection: Decorative Style: Late Rococo/Early Neo-Classical Medium: Oil on Canvas

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