Early Bronze Age Javelin Head - SP.202 - For Sale

Early Bronze Age Javelin Head - SP.202
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A truly remarkable example of the beginnings of bronze craftsmanship in human civilization, this bronze javelin head derives from the Indus Valley. This piece represents the ingenuity of the human race, just in the beginning stages of developing metallurgy for the protection and sustenance of the species. Early metal working experienced a significant advance with the advent of bronze casting, a process which alloyed tin with the copper previously used for the castings. This new achievement served to create a stronger and more durable metal. This piece was most probably first cast in the rough shape of the finished product and then the points were forged to their final state, simultaneously creating sharpened edges and giving them a hardened surface that would help retain a sharpened edge.The javelin head incorporates a sizable fuller ridge running the entire length of the blade. The tang would probably have been set into a wooden shaft and wrapped with rawhide in order to secure it. The purpose of the barbs was to prevent such a weapon from being withdrawn easily from the wound of an animal or human enemy hit with the weapon.This javelin would have been the pride and joy of whatever warrior owned it, representing the state of the art in warfare and weaponry. At that point in time, such an item would have been extremely costly and may have belonged to a chieftain or some other man of significance and wealth. - (SP.202)

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