Roman Republican Silver Denarius, Lucilius Rufus - C.5375 - For Sale

Roman Republican Silver Denarius, Lucilius Rufus - C.5375
Price: $240.00
Obverse: PV behind helmeted head of Roma right, within laurel wreath.
Reverse: RVF above Victory in biga right, M. LVCILI in exergue
The bust of the goddess Roma, with its winged helmet, is a popular obverse type during the Republican period. The helmet itself is reminiscent of Hellenistic and Roman helmets of the time period, categorized by scholars as the Italo-Attic type. Officers and deities are often depicted as wearing this helmet long after such a design had gone into general disuse by the military. As such, it continued to be employed as a symbol connected with deities and heroic figures of the past. The winged goddess Victory, parallel to the Greek Nike, was a common figure on coins, often seen driving a chariot, or flying above another deity who is driving. Occasionally, a diminutive Victory is held in the hand of the goddess Athena.
Crawford 324/1. RSC Lucilia 1. - (C.5375)

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