Bronze Coin of Crispus Struck While Caesar - LC.324 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Crispus Struck While Caesar - LC.324
Price: $200.00
Obverse: IVL CRISPVS NOB CAES; Laureate, Draped, and Cuirassed Bust of Crispus Facing Right.
Reverse: PRINCIPIA IVVENTVTIS; Crispus Standing to the Left, Dressed in Military Garb, Holding a Spear and Leaning on a Shield.
Flavius Julius Crispus was born in 303 A.D., the eldest son of Constantine the Great and his first wife Minervina. He was named Caesar in 316 A.D., served as Consul three times, and governed Gaul in 320 A.D. Crispus was also an able and popular military commander, leading forces to victory against Germanic barbarians as well as commanding the naval fleet during the final war against Licinius and his son. Unfortunately, Crispus’ promising life was cut short when he was executed in 326 A.D. at his father’s command. Apparently, his step- mother, Fausta, accused him of having an affair with her. However, it seems as though she really just wanted to get Crispus out of the way so that her sons would be first in line for the throne. When it was determined that Fausta was lying, she too was executed. - (LC.324)

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