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Endre Szasz - Bullet - ES.041
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With concentration bordering on the extreme, an aged man contemplates the vision of an enshrined bullet in Endre Szasz's painting “Bullet”. For this desperate man the bullet is a symbolic weapon used to fight his enemy, the wicked monsters that ravage his soul. The attribute of heroes, saints and demigods, a weapon represents a powerful force--its strength all-pervasive in the struggle against evil. Perhaps this man will find his weapon, the unique armor he needs to revive the hero from within and salvage hisdistressedanddamagedsoul.-(ES.041)Endre Szasz - Bullet - ES.041Dimensions: 15" (38.1cm) high x 23" (58.4cm)wide Collection:Contemporary Art Style: Endre Szasz Medium: Enamel On Porcelain

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Contemporary Art
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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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Email : barakat@barakatgallery.com
Phone : 310.859.8408

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