Diquis Gold Pendant of a Frog - FJ.6249 - For Sale

Diquis Gold Pendant of a Frog - FJ.6249
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Diquis Gold Pendant of a Frog - FJ.6249, Origin: Costa Rican/Panamanian Border Area, Circa: 500 AD to 1550 AD, Dimensions: 1.25" (3.2cm) high, Collection: Pre-Columbian, Style: Diquis, Medium: Gold. Goldsmiths from the Diquis region are famous for their ability to produce very realistic representations; and to merge human and animal forms into mythical creations. Frogs are frequent subjects symbolizing a creature which is comfortable on land, in the water and living in trees. The deeper symbolic meaning may be connected with shamanic belief that a sorcerer is someone who can interact in the physical world and the realm of spirit. The frog then may symbolize this adaptability, and be instantly recognizable as such. This delightful pendant is very detailed and lovingly made. Considerable care was taken to give it not only a realistic appearance, but also a personality. The eyes are lovely round balls encircled by a slim band. The effect is as if he is staring straight at you with curiosity and amused interest. A textured band down his back is composed of very tiny slashes. His front legs act as loops for a chain or chord to be passed through. The back legs give the clever impression of webbed toes and the tight bend at the knees typical of frogs. It is amazing how much charm and character has been endowed in a pendant the size of the tip of one's finger. This frog is so adorable he might suddenly come to life and jump from his perch. Yet, for all these centuries he has been watchful and alert, waiting to again decorate someone who is proud to wear him.

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