English Victorian Rudd Fish Victorian Diorama c1880 : Item # 5071 - For Sale

English Victorian Rudd Fish Victorian Diorama c1880 : Item # 5071
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English Rudd Fish Victorian Diorama. This diorama dates from the Victorian period in England and measures 19 inches wide, 13 and one half inches high and 5 and one quarter inches deep. The Rudd fish is well know in England Rudd, or Scardinus erythrophthalmus, are interesting additions to ponds. Rudd come from Europe and Britain where they are quite common in ponds. They come in wild (greenish black) and man-made golden colors (the Golden Rudd). They cruise the surface fast but at a slower speed than golden orfe. They are peaceful surface shoalers (shoal especially when young) who get along well with orfe. Rudd grow to about 16 inches long and like water in the 50's and 60's usually. Breeding males have spots and eggs are laid in late spring or early summer in ponds. Rudd are omnivores. A subspecies, Scardinua erythrophthalmus racovitzai, lives in the hot springs of western Romania and can only live in water from 68 to 93+ degrees F. This information was taken from http://www.fishpondinfo.com/misc.htm

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