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Jade Mask
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Jade face masks
Another type of artifact is much smaller; hardstone carvings in jade of a face in a mask form. Curators and scholars refer to "Olmec-style" face masks as despite being Olmec in style, to date no example has been recovered in an archaeologically controlled Olmec context. However they have been recovered from sites of other cultures, including one deliberately deposited in the ceremonial precinct of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), which would presumably have been about 2,000 years old when the Aztecs buried it, suggesting these were valued and collected as Roman antiquities were in Europe.

Mask price 8,000 dlls

we have some mask and figures , olmec ,mayan, teotihuacan , mezcala , etc 8,000 to 40,000 dlls if you are interested please send us an e.mail to o.rony9@gmail.com

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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