Jacobean Style Dining Room Set - For Sale

Jacobean Style Dining Room Set
Price: $5000.00
This set was reportedly built in 1905 for a couple in Maine for their wedding anniversary. I bought it in 1991 at an estate sale in Maine from the son of the couple. I have no proof of purchase from 1905 nor have I had the sons' story verified by anyone. This is however a beautiful set of furniture that will likely last a lifetime

There are 12 pieces to this set. The table, 6 chairs, 2 leaf inserts, 1 china cabinet, 1 server, and 1 buffet. The pieces are huge and it takes a quite a bit of space. They weigh a ton and are heavy to move as well. All of it is in excellent condition. We did have it refinished in 2004. We will not be parting this set out. It all goes together and will not be sold separately. Look at this link and all of the photos:


I have tried to include photos of every part of it I could think of. It is not the original material on the chairs. I would imagine it has been changed several time through the years but the latest was from our refinish of 2004.

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John Meirhofer
2316 Patwin Place
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Email : jmeirhofer@comcast.net
Phone : 707-803-3629
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