Colima Figural Effigy Vessel - PF.2425 - For Sale

Colima Figural Effigy Vessel - PF.2425
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Colima Figural Effigy Vessel - PF.2425,Origin: Western Mexico,Circa: 300 BC to 300 AD,Dimensions: 5.125" (13.0cm) high,Collection: Pre-Columbian,Style: Colima,Medium: Terracotta. The state of Colima, located in the pacific coast region of West Mexico, supported a thriving ancient culture, which, between about 300 B.C. and 600 A.D., produced an exquisite array of ceramic art, ranging from the naturalistic rendering of human figures to the myriad plant and animal life found in the region. Included in this stunning repertoire are composite clay figures such as this combination man and bird. Standing on short tripod legs, an oval-bodied bird forms the bowl of the pot, while the vessel's spout is created form the avian’s upraised tail. A distinctive human head projects from the bird's body, complete with a cap held on by a chinstrap. An artistic combination on incised patterns appears on both the figure's head cap and body, further enhancing the vessel's otherworldly qualities. These abstracted designs, some hinting at the shape of avian wings, give this vessel a rhythmic feeling as well, not unlike the age-old mystical motion of birds in flight. The multiple facets of this Colima vessel truly mesmerize the viewer, affecting the senses in a most enchanting way.

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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