Colima Gourd-Shaped Vessel - PF.2477 - For Sale

Colima Gourd-Shaped Vessel - PF.2477
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Colima Gourd-Shaped Vessel - PF.2477,Origin: Western Mexico,Circa: 100 BC to 250 AD,Dimensions: 5.875" (14.9cm) high,Collection: Pre-Columbian,Style: Colima,Medium: Terracotta. Ancient Colima ceramics are characterized by the artists’ use of a wide variety of subjects, both abstract and natural. Craftsmen living in the western region of Mexico under the shadow of the 13,000 foot-high volcano ‘Colima,’ were highly adept at creating sculptural vessels full of a spirited energy and power equal to the subject they were portraying, whether it be man, animal or plant. Here we see an elegant vessel that has been fashioned to perhaps resemble the abstracted shape of a gourd. A knobby exterior surface on the vessel adds a delightfully tactile quality to the vessel, while at the same time; our visual senses are stimulated as we observe light softly reflecting off the shiny, uneven surface. A dramatic spout projects gracefully from one side of the vessel, further distinguishing this sculpture as a stunning representation of the artistry crafted by ancient artisans who were not only highly sensitive to their environment but equally imaginative in the portrayal of their subjects.

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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