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Antique Tibetan Shakyamuni Buddha
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Antique Tibetan Shakyamuni Buddha. This sculpture depicts Shakyamuni Buddha performing the earth-touching gesture (bhumisparsha mudra). This gesture refers to the moment when the Buddha-to-be called the earth to witness his right to achieve enlightenment. Approximately 6.25 inches tall. Circa 19th century.The distinctive use of two colors of metal in this piece may reflect a practice recorded in the writings of the Tibetan scholar and teacher Padma Dkarpol (1524-1592) who described a type of image which was made of both "white brass" and "red brass." In this case, the "white brass" refers to the yellowish gilded areas of the Buddha's body and throne, while the "red brass" refers to the copper that comprises the Buddha's robe and the remainder of the base. Size Overall Dimensions.25" H15.9cm H

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