Tortoise Shell Pique Gold Brooch or fob circa 1860 : Item # 2833 - For Sale

Tortoise Shell Pique Gold Brooch or fob circa 1860 : Item # 2833
Price: $1375.00
Antique Pique jewelry, this brooch weighs 8 grams. This rare piece of pique jewelry is inlaid with both gold and silver. This antique watch fob or brooch has a finely executed honeycomb and arrow design. Excellent original condition. Pique jewelry is no longer being made and fine pieces like this one are continuing to rise in value. This "pique" brooch measures 1 and three eights inches across. Most pique jewelry is done in tortoise shell, made from the hawksbill turtle Pique (pronounced pee kay) a technique of decorating tortoiseshell or Ivory with fine inlay of gold or silver. Tortoise shell is a natural thermoplastic. A fine shaft of precious metal can be heated and then pressed into the tortoiseshell. The rod is cut off at the and as the shell cools, it re-hardens and grips the insert tightly. This process is repeated to form a pattern. Pique jewelry was made from the 1700's to the late 19th century.

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