Giambologna's Hercules by Chiurazzi foundry - For Sale

Giambologna's Hercules by Chiurazzi foundry
Price: $1800.00
16"tall, Chiurazzi foundry stamp on the base. Chiurazzi foundry is one of the most famous 19C foundry of Italia,Naple. Chiurazzi's gallery of plaster casts forms an extraordinary heritage which is absolutely necessary for the bronze reproducing of classic and modern works' exact copies, especially from the best 19th-century Neapolitan sculpture. Therefore, the only exact, perfectly refined reproductions of the classic and modern sculpture patrimony can be produced only at Fonderia Chiurazzi, thanks to its annexed gallery of plaster casts.

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Andy Yoon Sculpture Gallery
Albert St.
New Zealand
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Phone : 64-21530019

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