Jomon Period Terra Cotta Disc of Flattened Human Figure - For Sale

Jomon Period Terra Cotta Disc of Flattened Human Figure
Price: $4000.00
Rare and fine example of a Jomon Period (13,000-300BC) Terracotta Plaque of a Dogu, the earliest known Japanese figure. This figure was purchased from the H. Taneguchi Gallery of Kyoto in 1985 by a renowned author on and collector of Asian art. The Dogu acted as effigies of people. They manifested some kind of sympathetic magic. For example, it may have been believed that illnesses could be transferred into the Dogu, then destroyed, clearing the illness, or any other misfortune. Because of the ritual destruction of Dogu, they are quite rare. This primitive abstract fertility figure has a futuristic look. There are fun theories that state that the Dogu may be linked to extra-terrestrial Ancient Astronauts. The figures resemble 'space suits' complete with rivets and a helmet/face mask and goggles. The large eyes are also reminiscent of the traditional grey alien. 4 x 2.75 inches, 10 x 7 cm. Very Good Condition.

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