Spectacular Masterpiece Satsuma Vase by Kinkozan - For Sale

Spectacular Masterpiece Satsuma Vase by Kinkozan
Price: $2500.00
This vase by Kinkozan is truly one of the most richly and finely decorated examples of 19th Century Satsuma ware we have ever seen. It is a masterpiece by Kinkozan, recognized by many as the foremost of the Meiji Period 'Golden Age' Satsuma artists. All four sides bear gorgeous images that tell the story of Buddhism in Japan. One side portrays the first great patron of Buddhism in Japan, Shotoku Taishi, considered the reincarnation of the Goddess of Mercy, Kannon Bosatsu and closely associated with the founder of Zen Buddhism in Japan, Daruma Taishi, who we see portrayed on another side of this marvelous, historical vase. The other two sides are lovingly devoted to the Yoryu Kannon and Yokihi Kannon Bosatsu. 16 inches tall. Excellent Condition.

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