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Ukiyo-e by Kuniyoshi
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Ukiyo-e by Kuniyoshi:In presentation too, Kuniyoshi's historical women differ from those depicted in typical ukiyo-e. Specifically, sexuality is not the main interest in these female figures; though without exception attractive, even beautiful in appearance, Kuniyoshi's women retain strength, nobility and character as their primary traits. This is true to some extent even in Kuniyoshi's bijin work that is not historical, where his typical beauty portrait presents a tougher, more lively and spirited type than is typical in other bijin work of the time. Kuniyoshi, the leading artist of the warrior and strong man print in ukiyo-e, would seem to have been drawn to strong, individualized women as well. His work of the 1840s and 50s presents a group of ideal women unlike any other in the history of ukiyo-e, particularly remarkable for its ability to rise above the standard images of women at the time, and establish an appealing and inspiring canon of female heroes.

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