Yuan Dynasty - Finely Potted Eight Lobbed Qingbai Ewer - For Sale

Yuan Dynasty - Finely Potted Eight Lobbed Qingbai Ewer
Price: $1600.00
This is a finely potted 8 lobed qingbai ewer from the Yuan dynasty. It stand on a flatten base with a sunken centre. On the base, there are also 4 iron brown spur mark. The good quality glaze with a tinge of bluish hue suggest that it could be from the Hutian kiln, the most famous kiln complex in the Jingdezhan area.

With the exception of some abrasion and a black spot (pic 5) on the body due possibly to the ash flake, the 8 lobbed qingbai ewer is in very good condition. It does not affect the aesthetic of the qingbai ewer. Nice piece for the discerning collector of qingbai ware as such a piece will be hard to come by again.

The measurement of the Yuan dynasty 8 lobbed qingpai ewer: The height is 17.5cm and the width is 12.5cm.
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