Ming Dynasty - Wanli Period Deep Polychrome Swatow Bowl - For Sale

Ming Dynasty - Wanli Period Deep Polychrome Swatow Bowl
Price: $450.00
This is Ming dynasty, Wanli period deep polychrome large swatow bowl. It stands on a short foot rim with a recess base with a double red circle in the centre. From the foot rim, it everted slightly and upwards, and then towards a mildly everted mouth rim.

The flattened centre of the bowl depicts the drawing of the “Hai Ma” shown crossing the seas with bellows of waves. On the outer circle, it is a combination of a series of sea waves and four large waves. Incidentally, the position of the waves could also represent the four directions of North, South, East and West, thus representing the “Tian Ma” galloping round the four seas. Quite aptly for an export Swatow polychrome bowl. On the cavetto, there are eight panels of some form of flowering plants while there are nine panels on the outside of the bowl. This is a shipwreck item.

There is a small broken piece which has been re-attached, as shown in picture 5. The lower picture in negative form shows the re-attachment outline in red colour. It can only been seen at a certain angle and does not affect the aesthetic of the bowl. The polychrome colour has worn off with minute marine soil calcification especially on the green part of the colour. There are also manufacturing faults, pinholes and some sand grits. There is no repair nor restoration. Overall, it is in good condition.

The measurement of the large polychrome glazed bowl: The height is 8.5cm or (3.5”) and the diameter is 20.9cm (8.5”).
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