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Song Dynasty - Guri Style Jizhou Jar.
Price: $3000.00
This is a medium size Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) Jizhou jar. It stands on a very short foot rim with a mildly recessed base. It then everted into a rounded baluster shaped body towards a short straight neck with an dark iron brown glazed everted lipped mouth rim. The body is divided into three horizontal bands of decorations in dark iron brown color, with double lines around the top and bottom of each horizontal band. Right at the top, it is decorated with the key fret design. The cream colored body is decorated with guri design. There are a total of 6 large spray of guri design on the body with and additional smaller one with each large spray of the guri design. Right at the bottom, it is decorated with two layers of overlapping lotus leaves.

There is no chip, crack, repair or restoration. Generally in good condition.

The dimension of the Jizhou jar: The Height is 10.3cm, Width is 14.7cm and the Mouth Diameter is 12.9cm. Please refer to our stock # S070605023 when inquiring.

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