Qing Dynasty - Fifth Grade Court Official Winter Pufu - For Sale

Qing Dynasty - Fifth Grade Court Official Winter Pufu
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This is a late Qing dynasty pufu or surcoat with a rank badge. The pufu is make of silk gauze or kesi for the summer and a heavier satin-silk, sometimes lined with fur, for the winter. The rank badge with the embroidered silvery pheasant is that of a fifth grade or rank of the civil official. It is represented as standing on the pedestal rock facing and looking towards the sun, the imperial symbol of authority. There are also other symbols like the five bats, in Chinses called wufu or five blessings, Lingzhi representing the plant of longevity and immortality. There is also, at the left hand corner to the rock pedestal a set of three spikes which is an insignia of Buddhism and Taoism.

Of interest is that of the shoulder epaulette which has a pair of gold threaded dragon with gold wire. In the centre is the flaming pearl and just below it is the rock pedestal in the sea. The margin of the inner boundary is also lined with blue and golden wire thread. This is a very beautiful piece of shoulder epaulette. Shoulder epaulette are also harder to come by compared to the badge rank. Circa. Late 19th century.

The pufu with the rank badge and shoulder epaulette is in good condition with minor wear and tear.

The dimension of the pufu is as follows: The pufu length (top to bottom) is 109cm and width (left to right) is 154cm. For the shoulder epaulette, the length is 83cm and the width is 36cm.

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