Qing Dynasty - Blue and White Minyao Censer - For Sale

Qing Dynasty - Blue and White Minyao Censer
Price: $490.00
This is a blue and white censer modeled after that of the Ming dynasty. The design with auspious characters at the base is particularly popular during the Jiajing and Wanli period. The four characters at the base is Foo,Shou,Kan,Ning or Prosperity,Longveity,Good Health, Peace. The design of the censer is that of lotus with scrolling foliage, pakua or eight trigram in high relief and that of foo dogs. Circa. 19th/20th century.

The censer is in good condition. Some wear and tear, abrasion, crack and chip (picture 4). There is no repair or restoration.

The measurement of the blue and white censer: the height is 12.7cm and the diameter of the body is 17.5cm.

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