Ancient Glass Bead Necklace - FJ.4645 - For Sale

Ancient Glass Bead Necklace - FJ.4645
Price: $3000.00
Splendid necklace composed of ancient glass beads with an 18 karat gold clasp.
Civilization first began to make glass jewelry about 1500 B.C., and it was popular for centuries afterward. In the bible, the value of glass is equated with that of gold and silver, and it was indeed treated by the ancients as a precious substance. In addition to its malleability of form, glass was also prized for its rich colors, which imitated more precious stones. The beads on this necklace were created between the archaic age and the roman period. The deep midnight blue beads directly imitate lapis lazuli, a gem prized by royalty throughout antiquity. Lapis only came from a few mines In Afghanistan, so it was logical that glassmakers should try to duplicate its dark beauty for an eager audience. All blue beads, then as now, were cons1dered amulets against the evil eye, protection against bad luck. Whoever wears this superb necklace will be very lucky indeed. - (FJ.4645)
Origin: Israel
Circa: 600 BC to 300 AD
Collection: Jewelry
Medium: Glass

Ancient Jewelry
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