Nonya Ware Plate w/Old Wise Sage & Poem - 19th Century - For Sale

Nonya Ware Plate w/Old Wise Sage & Poem - 19th Century
Price: $320.00
A nice Nonya plate with a painting of an old Sage and a poem centered around him. The poem says he is ninety years old and is about all his hardships. The Sage is surrounded by a floral design and the back has paintings of peaches and bats symbols of good luck and prosperity.Nonya wares are over-glaze polychrome enamelled porcelains made in Jingdezhen in the Kiangsi province of China for the Straits Chinese, or Babas, whose female counterparts are called Nonyas, hence the term Nonya ware. Nonya wares were mainly reserved for festive occasions and special functions. Size: L. 23.5cm. Condition: No repairs. Normal wear.

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