Song Dynasty - Yingqing Comestic Box - For Sale

Song Dynasty - Yingqing Comestic Box
Price: $830.00
This is a Song dynasty (960 – 1276) porcelain cosmetic box and cover. The sides and bottom half is ribbed to look like a melon form, the recessed top is moulded in the form of a stylised double flower with a short stalk. The box is covered in a pale bluish glaze of yingqing type, which pools in the crevasses to an aquamarine tone. The rims and base are unglazed, exposing the white porcellanous body underneath. The top is decorated on its lid with two stalks of incised flowers depicted by six small iron brown stones. The interior reveals three small containers in the form of open flowers linked by appliqué tendrils with a faint taint of iron brown accenting each of the tendrils with the three small containers in the pale bluish glaze color.

There is some abrasion, sand grits on the base and inside of the bowl as shown in the pictures. There is also a chip on the center lotus bud (picture 3). Other than that, overall in good condition.

The measurement of the cosmetic box: Diameter 10.5cm and the Height is 3.7cm.
Please refer to our stock # S60021012 when inquiring.

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