Tang Dynasty - Copper Green Glazed Roulette Design Ewer - For Sale

Tang Dynasty - Copper Green Glazed Roulette Design Ewer
Price: $2000.00
This is a nice piece and of museum quality Tang dynasty ((618 – 906 A.D.) copper green glaze ewer. The shape of the ewer looks stout and strong. It has a long body with a small handle, two lugs and a short stout spout. The neck is straight and slightly high with a short and thicken everted rim.

The design on the body is a simple linear abstraction. It is incised with fine roulette design under the ice craze transparent glaze and the spout with ribbed details. The glazing covers two third of the body. The glaze of the ewer uses the iron oxides as colourants. On this piece, a slip is not applied over the ewer but the iron is mixed to the glaze and the applied directly to the ewer. The darker brown to mild yellowish tinge on the glaze is due to the iron oxide not evenly applied or due to the firing process.

There is no repair or restoration, crack or chip. There are abrasions at the spout, the two lugs, on the small loop handle and at the rim of the head. Overall, it is in very good condition.

The measurement of the Tang dynasty ewer: Height 21.1cm and the Width 8.cm.
Please refer to our stock # T60021002 when inquiring.

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