Song Dynasty - Small Jun Bowl Fused to Sagger - For Sale

Song Dynasty - Small Jun Bowl Fused to Sagger
Price: $490.00
This is a fine, beautiful and brightly colored example of a small “Jun” ware bowl which was treated as a “manufacturing defect”. The bowl is well glazed in a bright lavender color with pooling of a bright blue sky glaze at the base of the bowl. It would have been a fine piece if not for an over glazed which has resulted in an overflow of a big pool of the glaze down to the sagger. When it cooled down, the glaze glued the base of the bowl to the sagger. This is a good Song dynasty (960 – 1276 A.D) example. The bowl makes an excellent research and study subject specimen as well as a unique display item of a Song dynasty “Jun”.bowl.

The condition is as per shown in the picture. .

The dimension of the bowl with the sagger is: The width is 15cm and the height is 6.5cm.
Please refer to our stock # S60021009 when inquiring.

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