Song Dynasty - White Glaze Stem Cup - For Sale

Song Dynasty - White Glaze Stem Cup
Price: $650.00
This is a Song dynasty (960 – 1276 A.D.) white glaze stem cup. It rest on a flared foot rising inwards to a short neck and then towards a inverted u-shaped cup. It has a simple abstract cloud like wave motive between two bands of lines. On the underside, the white glaze flow stopped short at about half way down the stem exposing the light buff color stoneware. A nice piece.

There is no repair or restoration. No chip or crack. Minor firing faults (pic 2 - mid way between the stem), pinholes, minute grits inside and outside the cup and abrasions. Overall, in very good condition.

The measurement of the Song dynasty stem cup: Height 7.6cm and the Diameter 8.4cm.
Please refer to our stock # S50021008 when inquiring.

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