Jin Dynasty - A Black Glazed Vase (Yuhuchun Ping) - For Sale

Jin Dynasty - A Black Glazed Vase (Yuhuchun Ping)
Price: $1450.00
This is a beautifully and evenly potted pear shape vase (Yuhuchung Ping) from the Jin dynasty period (1115-1234 A.D). The pear-shape body gently emerged from the straight foot with it proportionately well potted rounded sides and then slowly curved upwards into a flared-up mouth. The rich and thick black glazed color can be seen flowing all the way downward, stopping short near to the base, revealing the earth ware.

The pear-shaped vase which is heavily potted has no chips, cracks or any restoration. Only some abrasion, wear and tear due to the long period of burial. It is in good condition.

The measurement of the pear-shaped vase: Width is 16.9cm and the Height 26.0cm.

Please refer to our stock # J50021001 when inquiring.

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