Blue and White High Bowl (Stem Bowl) Late 19th Century - For Sale

Blue and White High Bowl (Stem Bowl) Late 19th Century
Price: $690.00
An unusual, aesthetically painted, beautiful and well designed Qing dynasty blue and white high bowl (or stem bowl). The stand of the bowl is like the bud of a lotus flower. The underside of the inverted rim resembles a lotus flower in full bloom. On the surface of the inverted rim is a pair of Chinese carps, which symbolises marital bliss, and are shown jumping out of the pond. In the center of the bowl is the silhouette of a fish swimming in the lotus pond with rippling water, which also looks like the Chinese character “Shou”, meaning a pair of hands. A fine piece by a master artist, showing his skills in terms of his imagination, and his fluid, bold, rhythmic and smooth flowing brushwork, in the spirit of Ming style.

The base of the high bowl bears the honorific reign mark of “Da Ming Nian Zao” in under glaze blue, but it is dated to the Qing Dynasty, from the late 19th century.

The high bowl is in good condition, with no hairline cracks, rim or foot fritting, or any signs of damage or restoration.

The measurement of the High Bowl is: Diameter is 14.4cm and Height is 5.7cm.
Please refer to our stock # Q50021013 when inquiring.

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