Ming Dynasty - Blue Rice Bowl from Sunken Ship - For Sale

Ming Dynasty - Blue Rice Bowl from Sunken Ship
Price: $230.00
A beautifully and well shaped Ming Dynasty (1368-1643A.D) rice bowl with a simple blue splashes of cloud like motives all the way to the bottom. This piece is retrieved from the sea. The bowl is a common household ware likely to be used for eating rice or drinking water/wine. It is an export ware for the South-East Asian market. It is also likely that this blue bowl can be dated toward the end of the Ming Dynasty - 17th century. The glaze, although is thin and smooth, is still in relatively good conditions. No deteriorating or flaking of the glaze except around the centre of the bowl which has flake off by the sea water.

Some firing faults, expected degradation, chips & minor losses, abrasions, as a consequence of long period of burial under the sea and subsequent cleaning. There is a visible white hairline crack on the glaze as shown in picture 2, both inside and outside of the bowl.

The measurement of the bowl is: Height 4.6cm and the diameter is 12.2cm
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