Chest Ornament called Moka Kina, Papua New Guinea - For Sale

Chest Ornament called Moka Kina, Papua New Guinea
Price: $1150.00
A very striking chest ornament, or pectoral worn by men during certain festivals in the Wihgi Valley, Western Highlands, usually associated with the killing of a large number of pigs which are roasted and eaten. This is a fine old tribal piece from the Mark Siedler collection. Siedler lived in New Guinea in the 1970's managing a hotel there. He became very intrigued by the culture and amassed a large, well chosen collection. We were fortunate to acquire a few items from him over a decade ago. This Moka Kina was among those acquired. A copy of a published article about Seidler is included with the piece. For additional information about Kina please see the Chris Boylan article in Tribal Arts magazine Vol.1/1 Winter Spring 2000. The piece is well preserved yet shows some age and the effect of use. The pigment colored resin and mud on which the Kina shell is mounted shows the effects of dehydration and shrinkage. There is some cracking and minor losses. The fiber band on which the piece was suspended is now gone although examination of the back reveals the original holes where it was attached. The large kina shell is in very good condition. Accompanied by a custom, metal display stand. Early to mid 20th C.

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