Abelam warriors device known as Kara-ut, PNG - For Sale

Abelam warriors device known as Kara-ut, PNG
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The original purpose of the Kara-Ut seems to have been to provide protection to the wearer and to at the same time frighten the enemy. When going into battle the Abelam warrior would bite the piece to hold it firmly in his mouth. The tusks are said to symbolize the strength and bravery of the boar. Kara means boar or pig and Ut means net bag. The body of the figure contains magic in the form of herbs and leaves that are thought to protect the wearer. The Kara-Ut is also worn around the neck as a pectoral or hanging down the back at various tribal events called "Sing-Sings" where they are principally a status symbol. Our example has been in storage for two decades. The applied charcoal and ochra paints and pigments are still bright and the piece is in very good overall condition with the exception that the tips of both tusks are damaged. Mid 20th C. H; 11.25" W: 3.75: Accompanied by a custom metal display stand.

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