Madonna and child - Jacob Jordaens - For Sale

Madonna and child - Jacob Jordaens
Price: $20000.00
Exquisite old master painting attributed to Flemish painter Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678) representing Mary and breast-feeding child Jesus. It is unsigned, but the frame has a 17th. century hand written description of the painting with the attribution and date of 159.. (the year of Jordaens' birth), denoting that it was probably written while Jacob Jordaens was still alive and missing the date of his death. It is in excellent condition, except a puncture in the left upper part. Jordaens was one of the 3 Flemish baroque painters (along with Peter Rubens and Anthony Van Dyke) that brought fame to the Antwerp school of painting. He was the closest associate of Rubens and after Rubens death, Jordaens finished the unfinished Rubens paintings and continued his work. Additional digital photos available on request to the interested buyer. We ship by priority mail or Fedex and for our international clientele, we ship by priority mail international or Fedex.

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