Bronze Female Nude w/Pan C. Wegener 1918 - For Sale

Bronze Female Nude w/Pan C. Wegener 1918
Price: $4480.00
Extraordinary bronze sculpture by Carl Wegener 1862-1935. This is a wonderful mythological sculpture of Pan with his bride. Legend has it that Pan offered to teach the making and playing of the reed pipe instrument if he were offered a bride. This wonderful sculpture depicts Pan with his nude bride. Pan has one hand embracing her leg while he plays the pipes with his other hand. She has one hand below her breast and is holding Pan's head with her other hand. This sculpture is extremely well defined and is anatomically perfect. It is a rare and wonderful mythological sculpture inscribed in the bronze C. Wegener 1918. It is mounted on a variegated marble dark and light green base conforming to the bronze base of the sculpture. Height 15-1/2 inches, width of bronze base 5-1/4 inches. Height of bronze excluding the marble base 15 inches. This is the first model of this composition we have had the pleasure to own or offer for sale. It is a very rare sculpture in excellent as new condition with a beautiful two color patina. (Item #54769)

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Antique Bronze
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