Yabu Meizan Satsuma Teapot / Sake Pot - For Sale

Yabu Meizan Satsuma Teapot / Sake Pot
Price: $5500.00
Date: Late Meiji Period

Height: 4.5 cm (1.7 in) - not including handle

Width: 10.2 cm (4 in)

This is an original Yabu Meizan studio piece - there is only one of these in the world. The decoration can only be described as breathtaking and quite different to the usual Yabu art seen on many of his works. There is exquisite detail with panels showing geisha and rakan in domestic and garden scenes. The intricate scroll and cross-hatch work is superb, with floral and flaming cartouches enhancing the adornment. At the base of each handle are delightful scenes of landscapes, houses and rivers. This is Yabu Meizan at his best. To experience the minute detail of the piece, one must view it with a loop. The handle is a fine rattan weave. Apart from professional regilding to the handle lugs, this superb Yabu Meizan teapot / sake pot is in mint condition.

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