Jalisco Sculpture of a Standing Man - PF.4372 - For Sale

Jalisco Sculpture of a Standing Man - PF.4372
Price: $1200.00
Jalisco Sculpture of a Standing Man - PF.4372,Origin: Western Mexico,Circa: 300 BC to 300 AD,Dimensions: 5.5" (14.0cm) high x 2.25" (5.7cm) wide,Collection: Pre-Columbian,Style: Jalisco,Medium: Terracotta. This fellow may well be a warrior. Everything about him speaks of a man ready for battle. His stance is solid and unwavering, his arms positioned so as to move easily in any direction. On the shoulders appear to be studs, perhaps representing ones worn for protection in battle; or scarification as a tribal attribute. A thin strip of cloth covers his genitals with two distinctive sashes shooting out to the sides over his thighs. At the back there is a beautiful triangle of cloth covering only the middle section, leaving the buttocks exposed. His attire is similar to what is worn on the beach today! The crowning glory is a marvelous headdress that is in two sections divided by a band with an ornament in the center. The top part extends slightly backwards giving the figure even greater stature and dignity. Anyone will feel safer having this fine male guard their home.

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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