Large Antique Exquisite Enamel Silver Covered Box - For Sale

Large Antique Exquisite Enamel Silver Covered Box
Price: $1240.00
Large antique enamel silver box with maker's marks and purity marks incised in the outer lip. The markings are an owl standing over the letters AD, 950.M. The inside of the box shows traces of a gilt wash. The sides of the box have a detailed border of continuous diamonds. The top sides of the box have the same matching border. The top of the box has a beautiful enamel subject depicting 2 lovers on a swing with singing birds on a branch in the background. This is one of the most beautiful guilloche enamels you might ever hope to find. The man is swinging himself and his girlfriend back and forth in the swing while she tenderly embraces him as he looks lovingly back at her. Bordering the enamel composition are 3 additional enamel borders, 2 white and 1 blue. The blue enamel border has lovely roses engraved under the enameling. This is an extremely rare box a once in a lifetime find. The purity mark indicates 950 fine silver. Sterling silver is marked 925 this box was made of the highest purity silver available in the 19th century. The box has a diameter of 4 inches, height 1-1/2 inches. Weight 205.8 grams. The enameling is flawless with the exception of a tiny pin point size loss along the bark of the tree in the background, mentioned for the sake of accuracy. This is perhaps the most beautiful multi colored enamel antique silver box we have had the pleasure to offer for sale, guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur. (Item #72482)

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