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Sukhothai Pottery
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Sukhothai Potery from the Sawankhalok Kilins in Sukhotha Thailand. This piece is representive of The Great Elephant Wars of the Ayuthaya period. The Sukhothai-si Satchanalai area has long been famous for its beautiful pottery, much of which was exported throughout Asia durring the Sukhothai and Ayuthaya period mid 13th century. Each piece is one of a kind, no molds are used and each piece is crafted by hand using simple crafting tools that have a 700 year history. This area in Thailand is noted for having the best river clay in all Asia. The best potters throughout Asia would travel here to wrok and learn this craft durring the 13th to 15th centuries. As many as 1500 Kilins had opened by the late 14th century in Sukhothai along the banks of the Yum River. Sawankhalok pottery is not readily avaiable in the U.s., as a result of the scarcity of the pieces and the lack of production has made this pottery highly collectiable. Size Overall Dimensions 13.5" H X 14" W X 8.5" D 34.3cm H X 35.6cm W X 21.6cm D.

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