Antique Sculptured 3 Iguanas on Turquoise Blue Vase - For Sale

Antique Sculptured 3 Iguanas on Turquoise Blue Vase
Price: $880.00
Extraordinary 3 iguana unique vase. The first iguana measures 7-1/2 inches from the tip of his nose to the back of his tail. The second iguana near the top of the vase measures more than 6 inches from his nose to tail. The third iguana is crawling out of the vase only half of his body can be measured at 3 inches long. The iguana's are extremely lifelike beautifully sculptured very high relief with great colors, expressions and lifelike appearance. In the more than 45 years I have been buying and selling antiques, traveling worldwide to find unusual pieces for my own and my client's collections, this is the first sculptured vase like this I have had the pleasure to see, purchase and offer for sale. This is an extraordinary vase. The base of the vase has a border of gold flowers and decorative scroll design. The bottom is unsigned. The bulbous bottom section is 4 inches wide. From the bottom of the vase to he top iguana's head crawling out of the vase measures 11 inches. The base measures 2-1/2 inches wide. The neck at the top of the vase measures 2 inches wide. This is a rare beautiful and wonderful decorative art object with sculptured iguanas that look so lifelike you think they are going to crawl right off the vase. Whoever the artist was that made this piece had a good knowledge of animal life. The colors, the sculpture, the detail and the design of the iguanas is the best one might ever hope to find in a lifetime of searching. This is guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur and will be a cherished addition to any collection of unusual items. (Item #72948)

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