Antique Esfahan Persian Rug 43282 - For Sale

Antique Esfahan Persian Rug 43282
Price: $6500.00
In a design that resembles the stained glass designs in Gothic cathedrals, this piece is almost a clash between east and west, between Christianity and Islam. Thorned vines darken the sunlight that pierces through the window of the rug, surrounded by multicolored floral designs that shine their color through as well. Brilliant inks and dyes flicker in a bask of sunlight. Bouquets of roses and poppies sit in a brick red chamber surrounding the glass window. Thorns and flower intermingle in the creation of deep red light, bathed in washes of blues, reds and tans.

Style: Isfahan / Esfahan
Origin: Persia
Size: 4. ft 04 in x 6. ft 09 in (1.32 m x 2.06 m)

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1 Nazmiyal Collection
31 East 32nd St.
Floor #2
New York-10016
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Phone : 212-545-8029

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