“Girl with a Dog” English School, Oil on Canvas, c.18th :: item iD: H26967565 - For Sale

“Girl with a Dog” English School, Oil on Canvas, c.18th :: item iD: H26967565
Price: $11000.00
This English School Oil on Canvas, “Girl with a Dog” is in Excellent Condition,c1750. Featuring a sweet portrait of a young girl affectionately petting her adoring dog. Dogs carry rich symbolic meaning in the history of art, most commonly used to represent fidelity. This portrait is an interesting document of the changing societal structure in 18th century England. As the middle classes began to grow and the new bourgeois class began to covet the trappings of the aristocracy, portraits became a popular expression of newly accumulated wealth and prestige. The inclusion in this portrait of a dog also has allusions to social status, as family pets with no practical function other than amusement were considered an expression of luxury and affluence. The young girl is dressed in a simple but elegant frock trimmed in lace, another clue to the affluence and social status of this young child’s family. However, the simplicity of the dress, with little ornament indicates that she and her family were a part of the new bourgeois, rather than the aristocracy. Measuring 1/2” D x 20” W x 25” H it is unframed. Please view and zoom closely, serious inquiries are welcome!

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