Vintage Moroccan Oriental Rugs 44459 - For Sale

Vintage Moroccan Oriental Rugs 44459
Price: $6800.00
With more complex design than typical for the period, this Moroccan rug integrates the classic rhombi and neutral colors influenced by Central Asian culture. The inside of each rhombus features a jagged, angular design. Arrows expand, giving the rhombi movement in an otherwise still piece. The designs are Islamic in nature, and resemble the illustrations that encircle the Nubian Quran; four-pronged complex designs that manifest the pillars of Islam. This piece is not only pleasing to the eye, but reflects the complex history of the Moroccan people and their widely diverse culture. To add more complexity, the top rhombi feature arrows that seem to be pointing to the center of each shape, indicating that they are in fact shrinking. This is surely one of the most stunning rugs we have ever come across.

Style: Region Specific
Origin: Morocco
Size: 6. ft x 11 ft (1.83 m x 3.35 m)

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