Antique 18th Century Mughal Indian Rug 44144 - For Sale

Antique 18th Century Mughal Indian Rug 44144
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Antique Indian Mughal Carpet, India, Eighteenth Century - Here is a positively remarkable antique Oriental rug - an antique Indian Mughal carpet, woven in India during the eighteenth century - the only period when genuine Mughal carpets were woven. These extraordinary examples of antique Oriental rugs are coveted by collectors ad sought after by designers, who prize such pieces for their incredible, classical designs, and the impressive and beautiful way that they show their age. Woven with wide borders in an oxidized shade of red, this outstanding 18th century Mughal carpet features in elegant latticework field defined by complementary saz-leaf motifs and rosettes. Each lozenge-shaped compartment is decorated with charming quatrefoils and branching floral motifs set over a midnight blue field. Camel-colored guardbands and dramatic borders featuring reciprocating palmettes and pronounced saz-leaf motifs frame this Mugal carpet. A remarkable composition, this antique Indian Mughal rug is a fine example of a beautiful and important antique Oriental rug style.

Style: Mugal
Origin: India
Size: 9. ft x 12 ft (2.74 m x 3.66 m)

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