Mezcala Stone Standing Figure - PF.2187 - For Sale

Mezcala Stone Standing Figure - PF.2187
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Mezcala Stone Standing Figure - PF.2187,Origin: Guerrero, Mexico,Circa: 300 BC to 300 AD,Dimensions: 8" (20.3cm) high,Catalogue: V6,Collection: Pre-Columbian,Style: Mezcala,Medium: Stone. There is a monolithic quality about this impressive sculpture. Carved from a single river rock, it gives the impression of being much larger than it actually is. If one saw a photograph of it, without any sense of scale, one might imagine it to be very large, like the figures on Easter Island. Holding it in our hands, we are still awed by its simple energy, its rudimentary suggestion of the human presence. Such a figure seems primal in its power, as old as the earth itself.

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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